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TREQ project trains participants online from Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia on Assessment of Damages and Losses using Seismic Scenarios


Jul 25, 2020

OpenQuake Engine online training, TREQ Project

The TREQ project team successfully conducted online OpenQuake training workshops. The training comprises two modules: one for ground motion generation, one for assessment of damage and losses, with a total duration of six hours. Around 100 participants from Dominican Republic; Costa Rica; Quito, Ecuador; México; and Colombia have participated. The online training was led by GEM’s Catalina Yepes and Alejandro Calderon, and EAFIT’s professors Ana Beatriz Acevedo and Daniela Gonzales.


The workshops held during the last two months helped to identify and adjust online tools required to teach OpenQuake remotely and maintain active collaborations on the project despite the ongoing pandemic. The results have now been used to design and customize upcoming OpenQuake training for a wider audience, including students, professors and government officials in Latin America.


The TREQ project, funded by USAID OFDA aims to improve GEM tools and resources for urban risk assessment, together with improvements for capacity and training. Additional online activities are being organised to facilitate and train educators in the use of the GEM tools for earthquake risk assessment.

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