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GEM offers flexible mechanisms to enable potential partners to contribute to its ongoing and future work programs. Partners and collaborators can enter into sponsorships, project partnerships and service agreements, and can select the level of engagement based on their needs and requirements.

I would like to become a partner

Why We Support GEM

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Sonia Talwar
Canada will remain committed to support GEM through development and enhancement of hazard and risk models, tools and data that are critical in formulating disaster risk reduction plans and strategies.
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Michael Ewald
Swiss Re
GEM provides state-of-the-art science and software tools. We believe that the pioneering work done by GEM will lead to a new era of collaboration and transparency on seismic hazard and risk assessment.
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Abhineet Gupta
Our work with GEM will add value to the AI-based multi-hazard platform that we’ve developed for earthquakes and floods, so that communities can better prepare for and respond to these disasters.
Project Support
Technical Cooperation
Service Agreements
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Become a sponsor

GEM’s sponsorship structure and fees have been designed to incentivize participation of public and private organizations. Public Governors may propose to contribute directly to the work program via an in-kind project to offset the *GERD-based sponsorship contribution. The minimum fees in the table below apply only to sponsors who sign up for three years or more.

Sponsor Types and Contributions (2020 onwards)

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Option 1: Small Business Advisor Sponsor - for businesses of <20 employees and revenue of < 3M euro per year. The fees are 35k euro per year for a minimum of three years. If the number of employees or revenue exceed the threshold amount in a given year, the fees for subsequent years increase to the Standard Advisor level of 75K euros/year. These criteria must hold for full duration of the sponsorship.

*Option 2: Start-up Business Advisor Sponsor - for businesses of <20 employees and revenue of < 3M euro per year that anticipate growth in subsequent years. The fees are 150K for a three-year commitment, with contributions of 25K, 50K and 75K in respective years. If growth is not realized in the third year (i.e., does not exceed the employee and revenue limit), the fees for the final year revert to those for Small Business Advisor Sponsor (35,000 euro per year).

Option 3: Shared Advisor Sponsor - for businesses of <20 employees and revenue of < 3M euro per year. The fees are 75K per year for three years pooled between up to three small business organizations. One organization is designated as the focal point for communication with GEM and participation in meetings. These criteria must hold for all partners for the full duration of the sponsorship.

Contribution Levels based on GERD


*Public Participant minimum contribution levels based on GERD

Project support

Support and (co)fund an earthquake hazard and risk assessment project that effectively promotes and improves earthquake risk reduction and resilience globally. Join private and public agencies and local and international experts in developing the latest earthquake hazard and risk model, tools and data.

Ongoing projects

Training and Communication for Earthquake Risk Assessment (TREQ) funded by USAID aims to develop capacity and produce training, educational and communication materials for urban earthquake risk assessment in Latin America.

Methods and Tools Innovation for Seismic Risk Assessment is a project that is part of the Safety margins determination for design- basis-exceeding external hazards program funded by the European Commission.

SURA is a Latin American company focusing on Risk and Trend Management. Collaboration projects with GEM have resulted in tools as well as vulnerability and exposure models/data that have been key in understanding seismic risk and actions needed for the region.


Servicio Geológico Colombiano (SGC) (Geological Survey of Colombia) serves the Government of Colombia in conducting basic and applied scientific research on subsurface geological resources, geohazards and the safe management of nuclear materials and radioactive substances.  The SGC-GEM collaboration projects are aimed at developing and improving national seismic hazard and risk models using GEM’s OpenQuake engine software.

Recently completed projects


Modelling Exposure Through Earth Observation Routines (METEOR) funded by UK AID made a step-change in the application of more accurate levels of population and asset exposure to natural hazards for 47 developing countries, with a focus in Nepal and Tanzania.


Developing a Disaster Risk Transfer Facility in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Region funded by ADB.  The study analysed earthquake and flood risk and potential risk financing options for 11 countries in Central Asia. GEM partnered with Willis Towers Watson and JBA Consulting to develop the exposure and seismic vulnerability components of the project..


Collaborative Risk Assessment for Volcanoes and Earthquakes (CRAVE), funded by the US Agency for International Development, used current tools and data from GEM and the Global Volcano Network tools to advance the understanding of seismic and volcanic risk in South America and ASEAN regions. Focus countries for study were Colombia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

GFDRR-DFID Challenge Funds

Funded by UK DFID, GEM contributed to the development of a global exposure data framework, which includes the physical vulnerability characteristics and exposure taxonomy.

More projects

I would like to support or propose a joint project

Technical Cooperation

GEM is open to research and technical cooperation on earthquake hazard and risk science. Contact us for more details on the topics  work on together.


Recent papers from our research and technical collaboration.

  • Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model 2018

  • OpenQuake Engine

  • Global Vulnerability Model

   More papers

I would like to propose a research collaboration


GEM engages in several interrelated activities that focus on reducing earthquake risk and improving earthquake risk management especially in areas that are underserved, exposed and vulnerable to seismic risk.


We are happy to receive donations for developing open software and products and for training scientists and engineers to use them. Public and private institutions as well as individuals can donate to all or any of the following GEM programs:


  • Continuing the development of core products and capability

  • Applying science with the risk assessment community

  • Extending capabilities and approaches into new areas and markets


More about GEM’s programs (2018-2021).

I would like to donate to GEM’s programs

Service Agreements

Contributing to its mission to promote earthquake resilience, GEM offers collaborative services, products and resources that can be used for public and commercial purposes by organizations or individuals worldwide. GEM's products and services are transparent, accessible, credible and applicable not only for disaster prevention and preparedness, but also for applications that focus on response and recovery.


  • Capacity Development and Training

  • Technical Support and Assistance

  • Earthquake Hazard and Risk Modelling and Assessment

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