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Global earthquake maps

The development of the Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model was a key priority for GEM under its 2014-2018 Work Program. The objective is to collaboratively develop a complete set of earthquake data and models, and to deliver a comprehensive global assessment of earthquake risk.



Social Vulnerability

The Global Recovery Map describe the reconstruction and recovery potential of communities, countries from damaging earthquake events.

Global Recovery Map


This map presents COVID-19 statistics released by Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center over the GEM Global Risk Layer depicting earthquake risk from the GEM Global Earthquake Model (2018).

Global Earthquake Risk and Covid Map


The Global Seismic Risk Map (v2018.1) presents the geographic distribution of average annual loss (USD) normalized by the average construction costs.

Global Earthquake Risk Map

Social Vulnerability

The Global Economic Vulnerability Map is a composite index that was designed primarily to measure the potential for economic losses from earthquakes due to a country’s macroeconomic exposure.

Global Economic Vulnerability Map


The Global Exposure Map (v2018.1) presents the geographic distribution of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Global Exposure Map

Social Vulnerability

The Global Social Vulnerability Map is a composite index that was developed to measure characteristics or qualities of social systems that create the potential for loss or harm.

Global Earthquake Social Vulnerability Map


The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Global Seismic Hazard Map (version 2018.1) depicts the geographic distribution of the Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) with a 10% probability of being exceeded in 50 years, computed for reference rock conditions (shear wave velocity, V , of 760-800 m/s).

Global Earthquake Hazard Map