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Science for Social Change: A Q&A with Prof. Ana Beatriz Acevedo of EAFIT University, Medellin, Colombia


Mar 17, 2020

Prof. Ana Beatriz, second from left, at the OpenQuake workshop in Medellin, 2017.

In this pilot story, GEM interviewed Prof. Ana Beatriz Acevedo of Universidad EAFIT to get to know her insights, perspectives and her work in Colombia around earthquake risk awareness, understanding and resilience. The interview focused on how she got involved with GEM, and what inspired her to join the SARA project. Watch an excerpt from her interview entitled: Change can start with one’s self .

The full story is available at. If you're a GEM partner and have a story to share that leverages GEM products and expert advice; or concretely showcases GEM impact or use of GEM products in your organization, email us at . We would love to feature your success stories!

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