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An online OpenQuake Training course for beginners


Jun 28, 2023

The FORCE project recently conducted an online OpenQuake Training course tailored for beginners seeking to enhance their understanding of earthquake risk assessment. The training, which spanned from March 20 to 27 and April 17 to 24, comprised modules that delved into various aspects of earthquake scenarios, such as exploring and preparing the necessary input files, as well as conducting probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) and event-based risk analysis using the OpenQuake engine.

The course was crafted to accommodate participants from diverse backgrounds and expertise levels, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of earthquake risk assessment and familiarize attendees with the fundamental features of the OpenQuake engine. Divided into four sessions, each lasting three hours, the training covered essential concepts related to earthquake hazard and risk assessment using the OpenQuake engine.

To supplement the course material, Module I, titled OQ Introduction, was made available as a self-learning module on the platform. This additional resource allowed participants to gain preliminary knowledge and ensure a solid foundation before delving into the subsequent modules.

The OpenQuake Training provided an invaluable opportunity for beginners to acquire new skills and insights in the field of earthquake risk assessment. By equipping participants with the necessary tools and knowledge, the course aimed to empower them to contribute effectively to earthquake resilience and disaster mitigation efforts.

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