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A UNISDR survey is underway to help develop an international framework for sharing risk information and promoting a pro-active culture of risk-informed decision-making


Mar 20, 2019

The UNISDR is currently conducting a survey to inform the development of a Global Risk Assessment Framework (GRAF). The information will be used to develop an initial assessment and understanding of the profiles of potential users of GRAF and their needs (existing and anticipated) with the goal of establishing an international framework for developing and sharing risk information and promoting a pro-active culture of risk-informed decision-making.

The survey was developed by the GRAF Mapping & Gap Analysis Working Group, co-led by John Schneider (GEM) and John Rees (BGS representative the GEM Governing Board), which is providing expert advice to the the UNISDR on the GRAF.  Inasmuch as GEM itself is a part of the envisaged GRAF, GEM also aims to use the results of the survey to inform GEM’s strategic planning process. Therefore, for the benefit of the GRAF and GEM, we would very much appreciate your filling out the questionnaire.


The GRAF and GEM would like to better understand: how your organisation is perceiving the barriers and opportunities for leveraging disaster risk management from different angles, including:


i. Geographic scales – from global, national, sub-national, to local;

ii. Risk dimensions – hazard, exposure and vulnerability;

iii. Impact dimensions – human, ecological, economic, infrastructural and political.


The questionnaire has nine questions and takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. We would very much appreciate your responses by 1st April.


Thank you in advance for your participation.



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