GEM reaching out in Addis Ababa



Risk Coordinator Vitor Silva was invited to deliver a presentation on our work and participated in one of the panel sessions. Our team were very active in the many official forums, as well as promoting GEM through social media and face-to-face discussion with delegates at our display booth. In a standing-room-only interactive event led by Carlos Villacis, Chris Burton, and Vitor Silva, our work in Disaster Risk Reduction in Africa was enthusiastically attended, drawing the highest number of participants of all the sessions on the conference’s closing day.


While in the Ethiopian capital, our new Fund-raiser, Chris Wardle and Socioeconomic-Vulnerabilities Coordinator Chris Burton met with senior staff from the USAID’s Regional Office, with Chris Burton’s overview of GEM being very well received. The GEM team were also able to establish a working relationship with the Fire Emergency Prevention and Rescue Agency (FEPRA), as one of the key building blocks for a city-level risk assessment for Addis Ababa, planned under our USAID-funded SSAHARA programme.



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