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EuroPython Conference


Jul 2, 2018

GEM’s Michele Simionato presented ‘Lessons Learned from Parallel Programming’ during the 2017 Conference on July 14 held in Rimini, Italy. He was joined by IT Team members ­ Paolo Tormene and Armando Scarpati in the week long event that featured five parallel tracks covering more than 200 sessions and attended by hundreds of developers across Europe. Michele, a Senior Software Developer at GEM, shared his hard­-learned knowledge gained in several years of parallel programming covering performance and ways to measure it; memory usage; data transfer and ways to reduce data transfer time; and how to debug parallel programs and useful libraries. He also shared practical examples both in enterprise and scientific programming (importing CSV files in a database and numerical simulations respectively).


The initial part of the talk was pedagogical, advocating the convenience of parallel programming in a small, single machine environment; while the second part focused more on advanced programming discussing a few things to know when writing parallel programs for medium­ sized clusters. EuroPython is the largest Python conference in Europe organized by the EuroPython Workgroups (WGs), reporting directly to the EuroPython Society Board. The conference series was started in 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium and considered to be the first major Python conference run entirely by volunteers.

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