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EERI’s Earthquake Spectra releases Special Edition on GEM2018 Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk papers


Nov 25, 2020

Several peer-reviewed papers on the GEM2018 Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model are now available through EERI’s Earthquake Spectra Special Edition. The papers authored by various GEM collaborators from around the world describe how the global, regional and national hazard and risk models launched in December 2018 were developed.


This special issue documents the supporting research critical to the development of the Global Seismic Hazard and Risk models by the GEM (Global Earthquake Model) Foundation, representing a major step in understanding earthquake risk globally.


Seismic hazard and risk models are needed for accurate assessment of risks in order to promote risk reduction and mitigating actions, such as the improvement of building codes and construction practices, sustainable land use, emergency response, and protection of critical infrastructures, as well as risk transfer through insurance.


“The publication of this special volume of papers in Earthquake Spectra marks another great milestone for GEM by revealing to the research community the underlying science and engineering that have gone into the Global Earthquake Maps completed in 2018 ,” said John Schneider, GEM Secretary General.


A total of 16 papers can now be accessed at .

To read the full press release, visit .

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