partners | 17 Dec 2013

GEM announces new partnership with global earth sciences firm OYO

(Tokyo and Pavia), 17th December 2013

GEM can count on a new partner to broaden the horizons of earthquake risk assessment. The Global Enterprise with a Variety of Earth Sciences OYO officially joins the GEM Foundation and its international community.

At the core of GEM success lies the capacity of working across borders, geographies and disciplines, by drawing together a pool of experts, partners and resources to enhance earthquake understanding, increase resilience and improve overall seismic risk assessment. With its global expertise in earth sciences applications, OYO brings to the table a different perspective and a new set of skills and knowledge, which are key to the development of earthquake risk assessment and risk mitigation tools.

“This is truly a win-win partnership” said Masaru Narita, President of OYO Corporation “GEM and OYO share the mission and commitment to a safer and more secure world, where geohazards can be mitigated and communities can flourish”.

GEM-OYO partnership

GEM-OYO partnership

OYO interdisciplinary geotechnical and geophysical expertise can play a vital role in supporting GEM and the release and implementation of GEM tools and resources. OYO global leadership can strengthen GEM outreach efforts and also create potential synergies for example with partners in the insurance industry and international disaster management organizations, working together to promote the benefits of risk mitigation, increase awareness, and thus save lives and protect  communities. 

"New partners such as OYO, broaden the horizons and consolidate the foundations of GEM” said Rui Pinho, Secretary-General of GEM, “their expertise touches upon construction, environment, disaster management and natural resources, it is a tremendous asset for the delivery of GEM mission, the robustness of earthquake science and tools produced, and their adoption at different scales globally”.

By signing the partnership with GEM, OYO enters a network of world-leading partners committed to saving lives and reducing the devastating impact of earthquakes across the globe and among the most vulnerable communities. 


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