• Central Italy Eartquake

    Central Italy Eartquake

    announcements | 30 Oct 2016 > GEM's solidal statement after the davastating earthquake that hit Central Italy.

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  • Hazard data for Ecuador earthquake

    impact | 19 Apr 2016 > GEM's Hazard Team has created a blog post in which it presents seismic hazard data for the recent earthquake in Ecuador.


  • Supporting response and recovery in Ecuador after the April 16, 2016 M7.8 earthquake

    impact | 18 Apr 2016 > The GEM Foundation's Integrated Risk Team has put together a blog post with estimates of the impact of the M7.8 Ecuador earthquake which struck the northern coast of Ecuador on 16 April:


  • Social media outreach with a new blog and a more active presence

    social media | 21 Mar 2016 > To disseminate information on advances, activities, OpenQuake updates and other news on Integrated Earthquake Risk, February 2016 has seen the launch of the GEM Integrated Risk Blog. The weekly blog is managed by GEM’s Physical Risk and Social Vulnerability and Resilience teams and in its first post, Catalina Yepes has written about the Exposure Model produced for South America.

  • Collaborative Research Project - British Columbia

    partners | 14 Mar 2016 > Together with Emergency Management BC (EMBC) and the Geological Survey of Canada, GEM will start to work on an integrated earthquake risk assessment for the Province of British Columbia. The proposed study will include both a regional assessment of earthquake risks in the province, and more detailed assessments of risk reduction potential in hotspot areas of concern. GEM will assist the development of a framework of indicators that can be used to support earthquake risk reduction planning at local and regional scales in British Columbia. The aim is to develop a framework of performance measures that EMBC can use to inform policy targets and earthquake risk reduction strategies for the Province. This project will be a new opportunity to demonstrate the full capabilities of the OpenQuake platform, and the benefits of investing in a broader GEM-Canada partnership.