USAID-GEM project aims to build capacity for urban earthquake risk assessment in Latin America and the Caribbean region



USAID through OFDA recently signed an agreement with GEM in the implementation of Training and Communication for Earthquake Risk Assessment or TREQ project. TREQ is designed to demonstrate how earthquake hazard and risk assessment can inform decision makers in the development of risk reduction policies, as well as how earthquake risk can be properly communicated to stakeholders and the public in general.


The project will run from 2019-2021 in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region covering the following locations: Quito (Ecuador), Cali (Colombia), and Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic) for earthquake hazard and risk assessment in urban centres. For the training, educational and communication component, activities will involve the general public and academics in Latin America and The Caribbean, Asia and Africa.


The project targets a wide spectrum of stakeholders, categorized into four main groups: decision-makers and public authorities, practitioners and engineers; researchers and academia; and the general public.


TREQ will be formally launched in Quito, Ecuador in early 2020. Sign up to receive future updates on the project activities here.



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