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Building Sensors Reduce Damage Error by Sixty Percent: The Future of Catastrophe Risk Management


Dec 6, 2022

In Safehub’s latest installment of the Safehub Resilience Network webinar series, “Can Building Shaking Sensors Prevent Future Tragedies?,” Safehub co-organised a webinar with GEM on October 6th about how to reduce uncertainty in estimating building vulnerability after an earthquake. John Schneider presented an overview of GEM’s work around the state of practice of earthquake hazard and risk assessment through the development of open global databases, models, and tools - and improving stakeholder capacity for risk assessment. Vitor Silva presented how sensor data at building and portfolio levels can be used to improve model predictions of damage from earthquakes.

Read the full article here.

If you've missed the event, get more information from the experts by watching the recording here:

The Future of Catastrophe Risk Management: Reducing Uncertainty After an Earthquake

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