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Publications: GEM December 2023 newsletter


Dec 14, 2023

Dec 19, 2023

Harrichhausen, N., Audin, L., Baize, S., Johnson, K. L., Beauval, C., Jarrin, P., Marconato L., Rolandone F., Jomard, H., Nocquet, J., Alvarado, A., and Mothes, P.A. (2023). Fault Source Models Show Slip Rates Measured across the Width of the Entire Fault Zone Best Represent the Observed Seismicity of the Pallatanga–Puna Fault, Ecuador. Seismological Research Letters 

Holmgren, JM, Werner MJ, Goda, K, Villani, M, Silva, V, Chindandali, P, and Stevens, V. (2023). A relocated earthquake catalog and ground motion database for the southern East African rift system. Earthquake Spectra. 2023;39(3):1911-1929. 

DiCaprio, C. J., Chamberlain, C. B., Bora, S. S., Bradley, B. A., Gerstenberger, M. C., Hulsey, A. M., Iturrieta, P., Pagani, M., and Simionato, M. (2023). Calculation of National Seismic Hazard Models with Large Logic Trees: Application to the NZ NSHM 2022. Seismological Research Letters.

Thingbaijam, K. K. S., Gerstenberger, M. C., Rollins, C., Van Dissen, R. J., Rastin, S. J., Christophersen, A., Ristau, J., Williams, C. A., Fitzenz, D. D., and Pagani, M. (2023). A Seismogenic Slab Source Model for Aotearoa New Zealand. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. 

Yepes-Estrada C, Calderon A, Costa C, et al. Global building exposure model for earthquake risk assessment. Earthquake Spectra. 2023;0(0). 

Hobbs T, Journeay M, Rao A, Kolaj M, Martins L, LeSueur P, Simionato M, Silva V, Pagani M, Johnson K, Rotheram D, Chow W (2023). A National Seismic Risk Model for Canada: Methodology and Scientific Basis. Earthquake Spectra. 

Hoyos M, Silva V (2023). A Database and Empirical Model for Earthquake Post Loss Amplification, Earthquake Spectra 

Silva V, Taherian A, Oliveira CS. (2023). Earthquake early warning for Portugal: Part 2 - Where is it beneficial? Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. 

Lovon H, Silva V, Vicente R, Ferreira TM (2023). Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Portuguese Masonry Buildings. Structures. 

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