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OpenQuake Engine 10 Year Anniversary Webinar: collaboration, open source approach - keys to OQ engine's success


Nov 25, 2020

Almost 250 attendees participated in the webinar held on October 22nd to celebrate a decade of the OpenQuake Engine. Most of the attendees came from the academic and private sectors who have used the OpenQuake engine mainly for hazard and risk analysis, and academic research.


The presentations were divided into two sections. The hazard part focused on the OQ history, future outlook and examples of how the OQ engine was used for site-specific, national and regional hazard assessment; and seismic hazard analysis for engineering-based insurance applications. The risk part focused on the use of the OQ engine for risk analysis as well as future outlook, and examples of how the OQ engine was used in Canada to build their national risk model; and how it was used for urban risk assessment in Colombia.


The panelists composed of Laurentiu Danciu of ETH Zurich, Yufang Rong of FM Global, Murray Journeay of NRCan and Ana Beatriz Acevedo of EATFIT University Colombia as well as John Schneider, Marco Pagani and Vitor Silva of GEM, all agree that the open source approach in the development of the OQ engine over the past decade has not just led to a cutting-edge software for seismic hazard and risk analysis, but more importantly, to a community of dedicated scientists, researchers, modelers and risk professionals who share the same aspiration: to , and to reduce seismic risk in order to improve humanity’s resilience to disaster.


If you missed the webinar, visit the event page here: to watch the video and to download the presentations. To read the press release, visit .


GEM is currently conducting an OpenQuake Engine user survey to help us improve the engine in future releases. If you are currently using the OQ engine or have used it in the past, please take the survey .

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