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News Briefs December 2023: Data contributions and presentations


Dec 14, 2023

Dec 14, 2023

Data contributions and presentations

Innerspace GeoMap contributions

GEM proudly contributes crucial data layers such as the Global Seismic Hazard, and Global Active-Faults to Project InnerSpace's GeoMap™ Beta released on December 1st. This geothermal exploration platform, developed in collaboration with Google, provides essential analytics for global geothermal potential, aiding in earthquake insights and geothermal project planning. Special acknowledgment to Helen Doran for exceptional coordination. Explore GeoMap™ here: 

Peru Schools Insurance Project (Ale)

On November 22nd, GEM’s Alejandro Calderon, Senior Seismic Risk Modeller presented GEM’s key role in safeguarding Peru's 180,000+ public schools against natural hazards, aiding a groundbreaking insurance program funded by Germany's InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF). Contributing to earthquake risk models, GEM supports this initiative, strengthening resilience and ensuring uninterrupted education. Our gratitude to APESEG, AXA, Munich Re, JBA Risk Management, and PicSure for their collaboration. The webinar organised by APESEG highlighted this partnership.

University of Oxford Department of Earth Sciences presentation

GEM extends thanks to Professor Richard Walker and the University of Oxford for inviting Anna Rood, Seismic Hazard Scientist, to share insights at Oxford Earth Sciences. Her lecture on November 10th enriched the environmental geophysics course, providing valuable real-world perspectives. We appreciate the collaborative knowledge exchange facilitated by Professor Walker and the University of Oxford.

Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS) On-Demand Mapping workshop on Earthquake 

GEM's Secretary General, Helen Crowley, participated at the CEMS On-Demand Mapping Earthquake Workshop 2023 on November 15th, held at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Italy. The workshop convened experts, users, and service providers to deliberate on advancing earthquake products for user communities through CEMS On-Demand Mapping, fostering discussions on solutions and innovations.

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