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Multidisciplinary team conducts a new study of the Western Nepal Fault System to help update seismic hazard and risk model of Nepal


May 23, 2019

Active fault in roadcut. Photo credit: Richard Styron

Richard Styron, GEM Active Faults Specialist, visited Nepal in March-April to help map ~60 km of previously unexplored active fault in the Nepal Himalaya (Western Nepal Fault System). The objective of the 5-week long fieldwork is to assess the fault's history, rates of earthquake activity, and interaction with other Himalayan faults.


The study - funded by US National Science Foundation, involving fault geologists, hazard modelers, and seismic engineers - is expected to improve knowledge and understanding of Himalayan faulting, as well as faults in subduction zones, and yield an updated seismic hazard and risk model of Nepal. The new model will provide the basis for earthquake retrofitting strategies for rural Nepali houses.

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Nepal field geology 2019. Photo credit: Richard Styron



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