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GEM METEOR project releases exposure datasets for more than 40 countries


Nov 25, 2020

The METEOR Project celebrated UNDRR’s recent International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction by releasing exposure data for 44 Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries, including the corresponding interactive maps.

The objective of the project is to formulate an innovative methodology of creating exposure data through the use of Earth Observation (EO)-based imagery to identify development patterns throughout a country. The METEOR protocols and standards for combining traditional land use interpretation methods with EO and in-field building characteristics to capture the distribution of building types have been pilot tested in Nepal and Tanzania.


Specifically, the project aims to deliver exposure data for 47 of the least developed ODA countries, ; to create hazard footprints for the pilot countries Nepal and Tanzania; to create open protocols showing how to collect data and apply techniques in other countries; and to build capacity of local stakeholders to apply data and assess hazard exposure.


The project is expected to benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders such as governments, NGOs, affected communities and businesses, seeking to bolster resilience and growth.


To download the data visit, . To view interactive maps of the data, visit .

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