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Malaysian delegates visit GEM to explore future seismic hazard and risk assessment collaboration


Apr 26, 2018

Malaysian delegates from the University of Technology Malaysia, University of Malaya and the Malaysia National Energy Company visited GEM’s headquarters in Pavia, Italy on 20th April to learn more about GEM’s earthquake analysis tools – OpenQuake/hazard and risk toolkits, current projects, and future plans and to explore potential areas for collaboration. Dr. Azlan Adnan of the University of Technology Malaysia led the delegation composed of Dr. Mohd Zamri, Dr. Hanafi Yusop, Dr. Zainul Mamat, Dr. Mushairry Mustaffar, Dr. Ramli Nazir and Dr. Mohd Nadzari Ismail. They expressed interest to learn more about GEM’s earthquake studies and to discuss further collaboration work. The delegates were also joined by Dr. Masyhur Irsyam of Indonesia Bandung University.


GEM Secretary General, John Schneider and team leaders from hazard, risk, social vulnerability and information technology and development welcomed the delegates. Presentation of the OpenQuake features, current projects, and future plans highlighted the half-day meeting.

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