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GEM Contributes to Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment Progress in Malawi


Jul 8, 2024

Jun 10, 2024

The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation actively participated in a Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment workshop held in Salima, Malawi, from June 3-7, 2024. This collaborative effort involved the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) as the host, alongside the International Centre for Environmental Monitoring (CIMA Research Foundation), Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), and the British Geological Survey (BGS).

GEM representatives, Martina Caruso and Paul Henshaw, played a key role by presenting the Risk Atlas Database and Seismic Hazard and Risk Methodologies. A crucial aspect was training DODMA's ICT team to install and utilise the Database. Additionally, they collaborated with local experts to showcase the findings of the Multi-Hazard Risk Atlas. Interactive sessions explored the strengths and limitations of the results, along with practical applications for data use and dissemination.

The workshop facilitated valuable discussions among a diverse group—government representatives, civil society organizations, UN agencies, private sector participants, academics, and development partners. GEM extends its gratitude to DODMA for hosting the event and to all attendees for their dedication and collaborative spirit. This collective effort represents a significant step towards a more resilient Malawi in the face of natural hazards.

The Comprehensive Multi-hazard Risk Assessment Project in Malawi is supported by the World Bank (2023-2024).

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