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Launch of GEM Products webpage


Sep 21, 2020

GEM's new Products webpage

GEM is launching its new Products webpage: . We’ve made significant changes that we hope will make finding GEM products, models and tools easier and faster.


The new Products webpage is part of GEM’s efforts to continue to make information freely and openly available, and to broaden its range of products and services for the benefit of the disaster risk management and reduction community. With a new Products page, GEM hopes to further strengthen its efforts to increase their availability and accessibility.


The page features a full GEM product list categorized into four product types: models, software, global maps (analog and digital) and datasets. The list is searchable by title or keywords and can be downloaded as an Excel file. If you do not find what you’re looking for, we’ve added a Request button so you can contact us for a specific request.


The new Products page is still a work-in-progress and we plan to add more cool stuff in the near future to further enhance your experience on data and information accessibility.


At the end of September and December we will be releasing a number of additional earthquake hazard and risk models from the Global mosaic of models developed by GEM, which make up the global maps released in 2018.


For earthquake hazard, by the end of the year GEM and its partners will have openly released hazard models for 75% of the land area worldwide, and will have made available for public-good, non-commercial use, hazard models for all countries except China.


For risk, by the end of the year, GEM will have released vulnerability models for all residential, commercial and industrial building types (more than 600) and all exposure data to Administrative Level 1 (Provincial) that was used to develop the global risk model (2018). Country profiles with AAL (average annual loss) and PML (probable maximum loss) curves for the three building classes (residential, industrial, and commercial) will have been released for all 192 countries modelled.


Finally, social vulnerability indicators will also be released under an open license at country level or Admin 1 (provincial).


We are counting on your feedback to further improve the page. We will definitely be listening to what you - our stakeholders -­ have to say. You can send us your feedback by clicking the Feedback button or Contact Us icon.

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