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Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit


Jul 2, 2018

“Not only is it vital to evaluate and benchmark the conditions that lead to adverse earthquake impacts and loss – says GEM Social Vulnerability and Integrated Risk Coordinator Christopher G. Burton- it is equally important to measure the capacity of populations to respond to damaging events and to provide a set of metrics for priority setting and decision-making”. To allow for a holistic approach to seismic risk assessment and to integrate societal factors with risk estimation, GEM released the Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit, a QGIS plugin compatible with the OpenQuake platform that is now accessible from here and from within the QGIS software itself. By leveraging user-supplied data or the GEM-CEDIM Socio-Economic Databases, the tool facilitates the integration of composite indicators of socio-economic characteristics with measures of physical risk (i.e. estimations of human or economic loss) to form what is called an integrated risk assessment. Learn more from here. A user manual can be accessed directly from within the tool. For web-based mapping and data exploration of completed and shared integrated risk assessments, GEM has also recently developed the Integrated Risk Viewer, a tool now directly accessible from the OpenQuake Platform where users can explore and interact with the models over the web without having to install or operate the QGIS plugin. Find it at:

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