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Guy Carpenter and WTW upgrade partnerships with GEM to Governor Sponsors


Dec 6, 2022

Willis Towers Watson and Guy Carpenter (with participation extended to its parent company, Marsh McLennan) have both upgraded their sponsorship agreements from Advisor Sponsors to Governor Sponsors. The change provides each organisation with a voting position on the Governing Board. It also provides an opportunity for them to allocate a portion of their sponsorship funds toward projects that are of particular interest to them, and are in line with GEM’s strategic priorities.

Willis Towers Watson is one of the founding members of GEM from the private sector. GEM and WTW have been working together for more than a decade to develop and promote a better understanding of earthquake risk through research and the application of science. WTW is now represented by Stuart Callam, Programme Director, WTW Research Network & Climate and Resilience Hub. We thank Hélène Galy, Head of Willis Research Network (WRN), for representing WTW as an Advisor Sponsor for the past 4 years and for developing a strong collaboration between GEM and the WRN during that time.

Guy Carpenter joined GEM in 2019 as Advisor Sponsor. Over the last three years, Guy Carpenter and GEM have collaborated to enhance both organisations’ earthquake risk analysis by sharing access to specific technical and scientific expertise, and also contributed to a better understanding of earthquake risk for the benefit of society at large. In the new agreement, Guy Carpenter and the broader interests of MarshMcLennan, are represented by Matthew Eagle, Head of Global Model Solutions and Advisory at Guy Carpenter.

GEM offers flexible mechanisms to enable potential partners to contribute to its ongoing and future work programs. Partners and collaborators can enter into sponsorships, project partnerships, and service agreements, and can select the level of engagement based on their needs and requirements.

GEM’s sponsorship structure and fees have been designed to incentivize the participation of public and private organizations. Public Governors may propose to contribute directly to the work program via an in-kind project to offset the *GERD-based sponsorship contribution.


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