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GEM’s Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Models on track for 2018 delivery


Jul 2, 2018

The development of GEM’s Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model is a key priority under GEM’s Working Program 2, and completion is expected in December 2018. The workshop held at GEM’s Headquarters in Pavia, Italy on June 21, provided an opportunity for GEM’s partners to learn about the current status of the global model and to contribute to discussions about its development, final products and review.


More than half of the world is now covered by the global hazard and risk models and work will continue as scheduled. The workshop also highlighted GEM’s work in social vulnerability and resilience metrics as well as presentations from several partners of their respective national hazard and risk models. “In my opinion, I believe GEM is a big success because of the various institutions and countries using OpenQuake,” Mauro Dolce, GEM Governing Board Chairperson underscoring the different cases where GEM’s tools were applied for national and regional hazard and risk assessments.


The main product of this initiative is a global hazard, risk and social vulnerability map that can help in better-informed decision- and policy-making and for contributing to the improvement of measuring risk reduction under the Sendai Framework. In addition to the map, hazard, risk and social vulnerability modelers around the world also stand to benefit from the collaborative, open and transparent way that the GEM scientific teams applied for developing the global models.

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