Multidisciplinary expert panel conducts a 2-day review of GEM’s Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model


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Panel members laud high level of technical work and extensive global collaboration in developing the global model.GEM organized a workshop from 19th - 20th April to review GEM’s Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model, which is expected to be released on 5th December 2018.


The review panel was chaired by Tom deGroeve of the European Commission and composed of multidisciplinary experts: David Wald from the US Geological Survey; George Walker, Risk Modelling Consultant (retired from Aon-Benfield); Masyhur Irsyam, Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia; Ricardo Mena, UNISDR; Malcolm Haylock, Risk Modelling Consultant; and Samuel Rufat, University de Cergy Pontoise. John Rees, British Geological Survey and National Environmental Research Council, UK, participated as an ex-officio member representing the GEM Governing Board.


The panel was tasked to provide advice to the GEM Governing Board on the effectiveness of GEM’s development of the global earthquake hazard and risk model, and the future direction and character of the model. On day one, GEM team leaders presented a progress overview of hazard, exposure, physical vulnerability, risk and social vulnerability models including visualization tools as well as GEM’s communication and dissemination strategy for the release in December this year.


Day two focused more on the discussion of issues and preparation of review panel recommendations divided into three areas: technical improvements, technical publication of results, and public communication and dissemination of results. The panel reviewed the suitability of the Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model with respect to GEM’s principles for collaboration, credibility, openness and public good as well as the intended application of the model or its components for various user cases.


John Rees commented that “The panel members are very impressed by the high level of technical work and the extensive global collaboration in developing the global model. The global model is a major achievement for GEM and will be of enormous value to the DRR community worldwide.” For more information on the Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Model, please email


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