GIROJ releases Japanese version of the OpenQuake engine user manual


Mr. Suguru Fujita during the March hazard modelling workshop in Pavia, Italy. Mr. Fujita has a background in applied mathematics and led the translation of GEM’s OpenQuake engine manual into Japanese. The General Insurance Rating Organization of Japan (GIROJ) has completed the translation of the OpenQuake engine user's manual into Japanese and released it last July 31 through GIROJ’s website The translation was completed in cooperation with Oyo Corporation. Earlier this year, during GEM’s Hazard Modelling Tools workshop in March, Mr. Suguru of GIROJ shared why they embarked on this project, “GEM’s OpenQuake engine is the global standard tool for seismic hazard and risk analyses. We are translating the manual so more of our partners and colleagues can use the engine.” The Japanese version of the OQ engine manual is expected to reach modellers, scientists and engineers in universities, government, and private engineering and insurance sectors in Japan. GIROJ has been a GEM partner since 2012 and OYO Corporation has been a partner since 2013.



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