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GeoPython Conference 2019: GEM’s innovations in QGIS


Jul 31, 2019

Paolo Tormene, Senior Developer, presents enhancements to the IRMT QGIS plugin at GeoPython Conference 2019.

GEM Senior Software Developers Matteo Nastasi and Paolo Tormene presented their respective innovations at GeoPythonConf 2019 in Basel, Switzerland on June 25.


Matteo presented HyBridge, a smart web app solution for OpenQuake engine, Input Preparation Toolkit and QGIS users. It automates sending input files directly to the OQ engine rather than having to save the file and upload it manually. Check details at:


Paolo presented IRMT or Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit: a QGIS plugin that allows users to drive the OpenQuake engine calculations of physical hazard and risk, and to load the corresponding outputs as QGIS layers. Check details at:


To watch the full presentations, visit starting from 7:14:47

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