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Geonode Summit: Presenting the New OpenQuake Platform


Jul 31, 2019

Armando Scarpati, Web Developer presents the new OpenQuake Platform at Geonode Summit 2019

Armando Scarpati, GEM web developer presented the new OpenQuake Platform to the participants of Geonode Summit 2019 held from June 11-13 at the Grand Hotel Royal in Viareggio, Italy.


The OpenQuake platform is a web-based platform that offers an interactive environment in which users can access, manipulate, share and add data, and explore models and tools for integrated assessment of earthquake risk.


GEM participates in this yearly event to share our experience with other participants using the open source Geonode content management platform, and to keep abreast of present and future developments in geo spatial-driven applications.


More details about the summit are available here.

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