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GeoNode Summit 2018


Jun 27, 2018

Matteo Nastasi, Senior Software Developer, and Armando Scarpati, Frontend Developer at GEM participated in the annual GeoNode Summit hosted by SiTI/ITHACA from 26th- 28th March in, Torino, Italy. (


The Summit brought together the community of users, developers and stakeholders of GeoNode, an open source geospatial content management system.The GEM Foundation has been participating in this annual summit for many years to share experiences in spatial content management and to further improve the OpenQuake Platform (, which uses GeoNode.


The event featured several presentations from keynote speakers from all over the world, and workshops designed to enhance theoretical learning as well as practical applications around specific topics such as:

- Challenges and successes in sharing geospatial data in Africa by Bernard Justus Muhwezi, Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS);

- Building Flood Models with Geonode by David Kennewell (HYDRATA);

- Geonode integration with town planning management software by Nicolas Dufrane (GEODE SPRL); and

- GeoNode with QGIS, GeoNode for DRR by Gavin Fleming (KARTOZA).


About GeoNode

GeoNode is a web-based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) that enables collaboration and sharing of geospatial data. Users can upload existing shapefiles, edit data, and publish finished maps. At its core, GeoNode is designed to be customizable and extensible. GeoNode is also used throughout the world by international organizations, non-profits, and mapping agencies for supporting activities ranging from emergency preparedness and response, disaster risk reduction, and many more. Additionally, GeoNode is supported by a rich ecosystem of commercial providers across the world who can help with training, technical support, or development of new features. (source:

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