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Launch of the Global Model for Earthquake Social Vulnerability and Resilience (SVR)


Nov 25, 2020


The ability to model characteristics within socio-economic systems that affect how populations prepare for, respond to, and recover from adverse impacts from earthquakes is an integral part of earthquake risk reduction. This is because the impact potential from earthquakes extends beyond direct physical impacts and loss of life, to account for the interconnectedness between earthquake hazard, the built environment, and the socio-economic characteristics of populations. As such, socioeconomic conditions can increase or decrease the potential for harm or loss during an earthquake event and after the event in terms of the differential recovery potential of populations. During this side event, the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) will officially launch its methods, metrics, and tools for the global assessment of social vulnerability and integrated risk from earthquakes. The launch will include the showcasing of GEM’s global integrated risk products coupled with the discussion of the methods used to develop a set of three internally and externally validated maps that will be used to demonstrate social vulnerability, economic vulnerability, and recovery potential from earthquakes worldwide. As such, GEM’s side event aims to present the current state of social vulnerability modelling at the global scale, and to discuss in-depth the future work needed to downscale the global social vulnerability modelling effort at the sub-country and city level. It will also be an important opportunity to discuss how this methodology for assessing social vulnerability and resilience to earthquakes can be applied to other hazard impacts, including disease or other natural hazards.



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