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GEM stakeholder survey preliminary results, new batch of survey invitations coming in September


Jul 25, 2020

GEM completed the first leg of its stakeholder survey conducted from May 29th to June 11th 2020. GEM received a total of 80 responses (OQ, 22 and Global Maps, 58) from at least 28 countries. Most respondents work as engineers, professors or researchers.


Results are preliminary and no definitive conclusions can be made yet. However, the trends point to positive feedback for the OpenQuake engine and the Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk maps. 8 out of 10 said they were satisfied with their experience with OQ, and would recommend it to others. Most respondents also said that OQ is the best software out there or better than most hazard and risk analysis software.


For the Global Maps, 7 out of 10 said the products they downloaded helped provide a solution to their research, studies, project or work. Respondents also said they trust GEM products because of the strong scientific and open approach, and the global, international collaborative process.


The survey forms are currently being revised to make the questions clearer especially on the subject of ‘products for a fee’. A second batch of email invitations to participate in the survey will be sent to a selected group of GEM collaborators and product users not captured in the first batch of questionnaires.


The objectives of the GEM survey are: to understand how GEM global maps and other products have been used by different stakeholders; and to feed the results into GEM’s strategy for developing, improving and disseminating products. The survey also aims to understand what’s in demand and what products are being sought after by GEM stakeholders.


The next survey is scheduled in September 2020.

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