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Survey to align GEM products and services with the needs of users and stakeholders coming soon


Mar 17, 2020

The GEM Foundation will be conducting a user and stakeholder survey in the second quarter of 2020 to better understand what products (e.g. models, datasets, maps); technical support (e.g. bespoke software), standalone or web applications; and services (e.g. hazard and risk assessment, training, etc.) for seismic hazard and risk assessments are needed by the insurance/reinsurance industry, engineering companies, researchers and academia, and government agencies or institutions that deal with disaster risk reduction.

The survey also aims to gather information on how downloaded GEM products e.g. OQ engine, country profiles, plug-ins, maps, datasets are currently being used by the public, private and academic sectors. GEM intends to use this information not just to improve existing products and services but also to establish close collaboration with user groups and stakeholders who benefit from GEM’s resources.

We appreciate the value of your time so we will make sure that the survey would be easy to complete and would not take too much of your time.

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