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GEM renews its commitment to help implement the Sendai Framework targets


Dec 13, 2021

GEM launched its Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitment page during this year’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction celebration. With the launch, GEM renewed its commitment to help implement the Sendai Framework targets and to continue its capacity development efforts with local scientists and government partners.

The Sendai Framework promotes science to enable effective decision-making in disaster risk management. The Sendai Framework also created a shift from managing disasters to managing risks. To help this process, it promotes “dialogue and cooperation among scientific and technological communities, other relevant stakeholders and policymakers in order to facilitate a science policy interface for effective decision-making in disaster risk management.”

Furthermore, it calls to focus on the disaster risk factors and scenarios, including emerging disaster risks, in the medium and long term; to increase research for regional, national and local application; and to support action by local communities and authorities. GEM is aligned with and contributes to the Sendai Framework.


GEM is motivated to reduce earthquake risk and improve earthquake risk management especially in areas that are underserved, exposed and vulnerable to seismic risk. The contents of the Sendai Framework have strengthened the importance of our work.


To sustain our efforts, GEM has trained people from more than 100 countries advancing earthquake science and engineering, and knowledge-sharing initiatives putting local experts at the forefront of regional and national initiatives in seismic hazard and risk assessments. GEM works in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific sharing knowledge, data and best practices to increase understanding of risk through social media and online channels to bring together international and local stakeholders.


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