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GEM Global Maps and Products survey


May 21, 2020

GEM is conducting a survey in the weeks ahead. The objectives of the GEM survey are: to understand how GEM global maps and other products have been used by different stakeholders and to feed the results into GEM’s strategy for developing, improving and disseminating products. The survey also aims to understand what’s in demand and what products are being sought after by GEM stakeholders.


The survey questionnaire will be sent to close to 1500 individuals who have downloaded the GEM global earthquake hazard and risk maps as well as the OpenQuake engine since September 2019 through the GEM website. The survey form will be sent next week.


For the subscribers who are interested to provide feedback to the GEM global maps and other products, feel free to just send us an email with your feedback on the maps or other products. It is important to us to know how our products are being used and how they could be improved.


For more information on the survey or to provide your feedback directly, please contact .

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