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GEM launches collaboration with innovative disaster resilience company, One Concern, to advance understanding of seismic risks


Mar 17, 2020

GEM recently finalized an agreement to collaborate with One Concern (), a resilience as a service company, that combines disaster science and machine learning to help business and government leaders measure and mitigate risks. The focus of the joint initiative is to enhance One Concern’s ability to help the public sector, as well as commercial and insurance entities identify, quantify, and manage earthquake risk exposure.


As part of the collaboration, GEM will provide One Concern with access to its OpenQuake software and its seismic hazard and vulnerability models for Japan, allowing the company to refine its earthquake scenario impact assessments, as well as its modeling of cascading failures to infrastructure systems in the country.


Dr. Abhineet Gupta, Director of Research at One Concern, explained, “Our technology is helping to improve the understanding of disaster impacts on the built and the natural environments globally. Our work with GEM will add value to the AI-based multi-hazard platform that we’ve developed for earthquakes and floods, so that communities can better prepare for and respond to these disasters.”


One Concern is joining GEM as an Advisor for three years and will work closely with GEM Hazard, Risk and IT teams toward improving GEM models and risk analysis tools.


On collaborating with One Concern, John Schneider, Secretary General of GEM, added, “We’re excited to work with One Concern to contribute to developing detailed earthquake impact scenarios using One Concern’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which in turn will advance our understanding of and preparation for earthquake impacts at global scale.”

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