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Geociencias SURA magazine features GEM


Jul 2, 2018

Suramericana’s new magazine Geociencias SURA featured GEM, OpenQuake and SARA Project (South America Risk Assessment) in its inaugural issue. The magazine, which is intended particularly for South America, aims to share its knowledge and experience of more than 70 years in the insurance industry with its partners and the public.


The editorial board believes that Geociencias SURA will be an efficient means to contribute to better management of risks associated with natural disasters, and help public and private organizations become more resilient and sustainable. John Schneider, GEM Secretary General imparts GEM’s collaboration strategy with Geociencias Sura saying, "We believe that the alliance between state, academic and private organizations worldwide is critical in managing natural disasters and preserving lives.”


He added that building synergies where everyone involved is convinced of the importance of sharing, being open and working together is as important, if not more important as developing the tools or gathering information itself. The launching of Geociencias SURA magazine is a welcome development in the field of risk information and knowledge sharing and one that GEM, as a long-time partner of Suramericana, is committed to support.


The magazine is managed by a specialized team within Suramericana and includes international experts on the relationship between nature and society. Check Geociencias SURA magazine inaugural issue here.

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