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Development of local capacities for risk assessment and management, key to sustainable and effective risk solutions


Aug 30, 2021

GEM’s John Schneider, Vitor Silva, Alejandro Calderon and more than 30 other experts, practitioners and authorities from around the world remotely joined the International Seminar on Risk Management & Sustainable Development held in Quito, Ecuador in June.


The event, organized by the University of the Armed Forces (ESPE) - one of the top universities in Ecuador, was held to establish the Center of Excellence for Risk Assessment and Management and Climate Change for Ecuador (CERAM-Ecuador). The aim of CERAM-Ecuador is to develop sustainable and effective solutions for the development of local capacities for risk assessment and management.


Carlos Villacis, former Regional Program Manager and Strategy Coordinator for GEM, is the principal driver behind the creation of CERAM. Carlos said, “I am very pleased to be working again with GEM for the generation of knowledge products and the provision of integrated support to risk assessment and management at all levels, not only in Ecuador, but globally. I am convinced that, to be truly global, GEM needs to have a stronger presence in the regions. CERAM will promote the standardization of GEM tools and methodologies through an adaptation process that makes them better aligned with the realities, needs and priorities in Ecuador as well as other regions.”


[00:42:40 - 01:24:00] discussing the full spectrum of GEM’s approach to global earthquake hazard and risk modelling, while [3:33:00 - 4:24:00], providing detailed insights on GEM’s urban hazard and risk modelling approach.


On June 24th, the final day of the event, John Schneider joined the round table discussion on the future of disaster risk management in Ecuador and the role of CERAM.


John expressed GEM’s commitment to the regional initiative at the recently concluded international seminar in Quito, Ecuador saying, “We are looking forward to working together in capacity development and training, exposure database development for all hazards not only for today’s built-environment and population but also for future growth and future risks, and in the use of model results for input to decision making to reduce and manage risk.”


GEM and CERAM-Ecuador share the same vision and principles: an open platform to share knowledge and skills in risk assessment and modelling through training, capacity development, technical and student exchange.


Watch John’s full message at from 3:39:00 - 3:44:00.

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