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Seismic Risk Assessment Tools Workshop - Demonstration and Evaluation of Seismic Risk Assessment Tools


Jul 2, 2018

GEM showcased OpenQuake at the Seismic Risk Assessment Tools Workshop hosted by EU Science Hub's Joint Research Centre (JRC). Marco Pagani, GEM Hazard Coordinator and Catalina Yepes, GEM Seismic Risk Engineer presented OpenQuake’s data and tools during the Seismic Risk Assessment Tools workshop held in Ispra, Lombardia, Italy on May 11-12, 2017.


Held in the European Crisis Management Laboratory, the Workshop brought together some of the most widely used modern seismic risk assessment tools and a number of Civil Protection authorities from countries of the European Civil Protection Mechanism. The objective was to demonstrate the use and capabilities of the tools, explore the possible use in near-real-time impact assessment and promote their use in risk planning and disaster response.

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