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The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation Launched ATLAS 2.0!


Jul 8, 2024

Apr 19, 2024

The GEM Foundation successfully launched its next-generation seismic hazard data service, ATLAS 2.0, on April 17th, 2024. Nearly 100 attendees joined the virtual launch event to learn about this exciting update.

Building on the original ATLAS service, ATLAS 2.0 offers an even more robust and user-friendly dataset of global seismic hazard curves. Designed for both public benefit and commercial applications, this valuable resource allows users to conduct earthquake risk assessments for various return periods on portfolios around the world.

The launch event recording, along with additional information about ATLAS 2.0, can be accessed here: This includes details about the improved technical specifications of the dataset, leveraging the latest iteration of GEM's Global Seismic Hazard Mosaic. 

Watch ATLAS in action

Paul Henshaw, GEM Director of Technology and Development explains the innovative IT infrastructure that facilitates seamless access and integration of ATLAS 2.0 into external frameworks.

Discover how others are using ATLAS 2.0

Stevan Gavrilovic, an engineer at Arup, presented a testimonial for the GEM Foundation's ATLAS 2.0 application during the launch. Arup is a structural engineering firm that incorporates seismic hazards into their risk and resilience assessments. They automate this workflow using a cloud-based risk platform they call "HAPPY." A key component of this platform is the GEM ATLAS 2.0 service, which provides global seismic hazard curves through an API (Application Programming Interface).

"At Arup, we leverage GEM ATLAS’ global seismic data to automate risk assessments, providing our clients with a clearer view of potential losses across their portfolios." – Stevan Gavrilovic, PhD, Digital Risk and Resilience Engineer-Arup 

We encourage you to explore ATLAS 2.0 and share your thoughts! This powerful tool can be used for various purposes, from earthquake risk assessment to seismic design and land-use planning.


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