Afghanistan Earthquake



We express our deepest condolence to the Afghan and Pakistani people over the loss of lives and the destruction caused by the magnitude 7.5 earthquake which struck the Badakshan Province in the Hindukush region, Afghanistan, on 26 October 2015. We hope for a prompt recovery for those injured and appreciate the efforts of humanitarian staff who continue to provide life-saving assistance.


The entire collision zone between the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates is highly prone to earthquakes and is at high risk due to dense population and prevalence of vulnerable building construction. Allied to the immediate recovery response, this event reminds us of the need to emphasise disaster risk reduction and resilience, as key development issues.


The GEM Foundation affirms its commitment to build global understanding of earthquake risk and its associated socio-economic impacts, by helping governments – and all who struggle for a more resilient world – with tools and information to assist in reducing that risk and in making sound decisions about building standards and construction quality, consistent with world’s best-practice.



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