•   PNG clears the ground for new building codes

    PNG clears the ground for new building codes

    OpenQuake | 12 Aug 2015 > OpenQuake used for national hazard assessment in Papua New Guinea.

  • Resilience is in our hand

    Resilience is in our hand

    general news | 12 Aug 2015 > Andrew Thompson is answering some questions about risk information, resilience and open data

  • Geospatial is the future

    Geospatial is the future

    general news | 12 Aug 2015 > The second edition of the European symposium on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial, which took place on July 15-17 in Como (Italy), was a great occasion for GEM to relate with experts and leading organizations in the field of open data, but also to show progress in the development of its tools.

  • Build up on trainings

    Build up on trainings

    announcements | 11 Aug 2015 > About the workshop organized in Lima in collaboration with the National Center for Disaster Risk Assessment, Prevention and Reduction of Peru (CENEPRED) on May 13-15 2015.

  • Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit

    Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit

    OpenQuake | 11 Aug 2015 > “Not only is it vital to evaluate and benchmark the conditions that lead to adverse earthquake impacts and loss, it is equally important to measure the capacity of populations to respond to damaging events and to provide a set of metrics for priority setting and decision-making”.