• Good news from Nepal

    Good news from Nepal

    regions | 01 Dec 2014 > In the frame of continuous improvements of scientific and technical support to activities related to Disaster Risk Reduction, UNISDR on 2013 launched the “Using science in Disaster Risk Reduction” report, calling on the international community to actively contribute with their own case studies. GEM, as part of its commitment to the International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, selected the Nepal case study as a perfect example of how science can influence policy and actions.

  •  OQ Engine used in a nuclear SHA project

    OQ Engine used in a nuclear SHA project

    OpenQuake | 01 Dec 2014 > It is well acknowledged that some facilities, such as the nuclear ones, require particular caution when it comes to the calculation of levels of ground motion to be used for design and risk assessment.

  • Discussing GEM’s role in DRR

    Discussing GEM’s role in DRR

    events | 22 Sep 2014 > As a runner-up to the 3rd World Conference on DRR in Sendai and a forum for discussion on the post-2015 DRR framework, this year’s IDRC Davos conference proved to be a very interesting event.

  • Excitement at UR

    Excitement at UR

    events | 13 Aug 2014 > GEM clearly couldn’t miss the third Understanding Risk Forum and the opportunity to actively participate in this innovative biannual gathering where policy makers, developers, companies, nonprofit and research institutions, meet to exchange knowledge and ideas on understanding and managing disaster risk better.

  • Gem at Anchorage

    Gem at Anchorage

    events | 13 Aug 2014 > GEM attended the 10th US National Conference on Earthquake Engineering in the third week of July, where our progresses in the field of seismic hazard and risk assessment, and the OpenQuake platform were presented in a special session