Worldwide Collaborators

The GEM Foundation that governs and funds the collaborative GEM effort features public and private organisations as formal participants and a number of associate participants. In addition, the foundation collaborates with organisations worldwide in different ways to create win-win situations, these can involve funding of specific activities (trainings, projects, regional programmes, scientific components), but also collaboration on models, datasets and other critical elements for risk assessment with OpenQuake.

We would like to thank all these organisations and encourage others to get in touch to look together at new partnership opportunities, in particular to support risk mitigation in regions worldwide, at local scales. You could think for example of..

  • > Joint development of risk scenarios for cities and their dissemination (such as carried out in the Middle East)
  • > Collaboration on census-data for the Global Exposure Database
  • > Funding of a series of workshops in vulnerable regions
  • > Development of an app to plug into the OpenQuake Platform for humanitarian risk reduction purposes

The European Commission

The European Commission is funding the Regional Programmes SHARE, SYNER-G and NERA in Europe, in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).


Japan Tobacco International is funding the Regional Programme EMME, in the Middle East.

Swiss Re Foundation

The Swiss Re Foundation sponsors the 3-year collaborative regional project SARA: Seismic Risk in South America

The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation

The SDRF funded a regional workshop.

Working Together

Not only through partnerships between the GEM Foundation and others are we 'working together to assess risk'. As you can read in the section WHAT WE DO is that we are working together with around 75 organisations in global projects and with many more in different regions in development of databases, best practice and tools. Where possible we provide (start-up) funds, but much work is also carried out on voluntary basis, contributing to our joint struggle.