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GEM - EDF/CEA technical cooperation aims to enhance the exchange of scientific and technical knowledge on earthquake hazard


Oct 7, 2019

Électricité de France (EDF), a nuclear electric power generation company and France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) are the latest to join GEM as Project Partners, after a series of technical meetings and workshops since 2018.


The partnership which spans three years, will focus on the integration of new ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) into the OpenQuake engine necessary for the calculation of earthquake hazard in metropolitan France, and capacity development through secondment of EDf and CEA researchers at GEM Pavia office and training on OpenQuake.


“This partnership does not only strengthen GEM’s commitment to the scientific advancement of earthquake hazard analysis using the OpenQuake engine, but also promotes a two-way sharing of knowledge and skills for the advancement of earthquake hazard assessment to critical infrastructure,” says John Schneider, GEM Secretary General after signing the agreement recently.


Priority research areas in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA), and concrete scientific and technical content and activities of the partnership will be defined on a yearly basis to ensure that the program for the succeeding year builds upon the achievements of the previous one.


Prior to the agreement, GEM conducted a 4-day training on OpenQuake for EDF and CEA scientists and engineers earlier this year at the EDF lab - Paris Saclay, France. The results of that training formed the core of the collaboration between GEM and EDF/CEA.

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