These instructions help you to install The OpenQuake Engine and OpenQuake Modeller on a PC, for those users that cannot use OATS, or prefer not to use it for other reasons.

Installing from packages

We provide binary packages for Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (LTS) - our target platform - for both x86 and amd64 arch.

To install OpenQuake 1.0 please follow these instructions:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openquake/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-oq-engine

for more information please read the related GitHub wiki page:


Installing from sources

To install OpenQuake from sources please refer to the guide on our GitHub repository:


Using VirtualBox images

We are also providing VirtualBox images containing the OpenQuake Engine software. They allow you to test OpenQuake on you already existing operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux/BSD).


To get started you need to download and install VirtualBox from Oracle.

Then you need the virtual machine image containing OpenQuake:
you can get 32bit or 64bit versions from our download page. The download is available also on our FTP at

Installation step-by-step 

  1. Install Virtualbox 
  2. Open Virtualbox and select File - Import Appliance
  3. Select the downloaded ova file
  4. Choose: Import with all default settings
  5. In Virtualbox, open Settings - Shared Folders
  6. Add a new shared folder 
  7. In Folder Path select any folder on your computer
  8. In the Shared Folder of the Virtual Machine, change the Folder Name to ‘vbox’
  9. Uncheck the box 'Auto-Mount' 
  10. Click OK
  11. If you have a PC with low ram-memory (2GB or less) go to the settings panel, select System and change the Base Memory to 512MB. [Especially when you get a warning that you have allocated more that 50% of your computer RAM to the virtual machine]
  12. Click OK

Virtual Machine

In the virtual machine window log in with:
login: openquake
password: openquake

The directory /media/sf_[shared_folder_name] should now be linked to your host computer in the directory that you selected in step 6. On you host computer if you navigate to the folder that you selected in step 6, you will see all of the folders used by OpenQuake.

The demos are located in /home/openquake/GEM/oq-demos.


After installing the virtual machine you can use it from a terminal on your host computer. You may wish to do so, because you can  copy and paste into the terminal, view the terminal full screen and scroll in the terminal.

To do so on Linux and Mac you need a terminal and use ssh command:

ssh -p 2222 openquake@localhost

On Windows you need to install putty and configure it as shown below:



Need help?

If you have any questions already please write at any time or vist our OpenQuake Users discussion group at Google.