These manuals and instructions help you in working with the various OpenQuake tools.

OQ Presentations

Here below some in-depth information to widen your technical knowledge about the OpenQuake engine.


OQ_engine_calculations (4.5 MB)

OQ_engine_practise (4.1 MB)

OQ_engine_intro (357.9 KB)

OQ_engine_logic_tree (560.8 KB)

OQ_engine_source_modelling (2.3 MB)


OQ_engine_risk (44.4 MB)


OQ Manuals and Books 

OpenQuake Engine User Manual

This manual evolves as the software develops, and based on your feedback and questions


OpenQuake Engine User Manual v1.0 [July 2013] (6.7 MB)


OpenQuake Engine User Manual v1.0 beta [May 2013] (6.3 MB)

OpenQuake Engine User Manual v0.1 [December 2011] (6.7 MB)


OQ Engine Books and Reports: Hazard & Risk

These book describes the science behind the OpenQuake Engine. They provide a detailed description of the theoretical background of the algorithms used in the various hazard and risk calculators of Engine. The books evolve as we progress. Write us if you have suggestions or would like to contribute to it in any other way!


OpenQuake Engine Book RISK v1.0 [July 2013] (3.1 MB)

OpenQuake Engine Book HAZARD v. 1.0 (10.4 MB)

OpenQuake Engine Testing Procedures HAZARD v. 1.0 (22.7 MB)


OpenQuake Engine Book RISK v1.0 beta [May 2013] (1.7 MB)

Integrated version of the book:

OpenQuake Engine Book (6.3 MB)



OATS User Guide

Brief instructions on how to use OATS; GEM's web-service to test OpenQuake tools online. 

Installing the tools on your PC

Installing Images of OpenQuake Engine and OpenQuake Modeller