End-to-end demonstration of the Inventory Data Capture Tools

The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) aims to provide a set of tools and models for hazard and risk analysis. The fundamental aim of the GEM Inventory Data Capture Tools (IDCT) risk global component is to provide a set of software and accompanying user protocols to enable users to collect and modify building exposure information, which can be input into the Global Exposure Database (GED) and the Global Earthquake Consequences Database.

IDCT uses two primary data collection tools to generate these pre-event inventory and post-event damage data: 1) satellite and aerial remote sensing image analysis, and 2) direct observations by individuals on the ground using a set of mobile data collection tools.

This report the end-to-end testing of the suite of IDCT tools for 2 specific workflows:

  1. Generation of GED Level 3 data: per-building inventory data
  2. Generation of GED Level 2 data: statistically-aggregated inventory data