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Risk modeling and scenario analysis for Azerbaijan - Seismic risk analysis



One of the analyses to be conducted under the World Bank Groups' Country Climate and Development Reports (CCDRs), is to look at the fiscal and economic impacts of disasters in Azerbaijan, including the size of the macro-fiscal risk posed by earthquakes, floods, and droughts, and identify potential opportunities to increase financial resilience. For the risk modeling and scenario analysis for Azerbaijan, the GEM Risk Team further expands the Azerbaijan model in GEM's Global Seismic Risk Model, by projecting the exposure and risk to 2050 by taking into account the evolving demographics and socio-economic conditions in Azerbaijan. 

Duration: 2022


The World Bank is preparing the Country Climate and Development Report for Azerbaijan. The CCDR aims to inform policy dialogue and engagement with the Government of Azerbaijan. This provides an opportunity to carry out several analytical pieces, including in the area of Disaster Risk Management, bringing together existing knowledge on the economic and social impacts of disasters and climate change, and delivering new analytical insights to support policy recommendations.


GEM Foundation 

Funding partner: World Bank Group



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