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covers the mainland of Colombia, including the island of San Andrés and Providencia


Colombia Hazard Model (SGC)


The Colombia Hazard Model was developed at the national level by the Colombian Geological Survey (SGC) in collaboration with GEM, which includes the following components: (i) Preparation of basic inputs, in terms of the construction of a refined and homogeneous catalog of events, as well as the development of a database of strong movement; (ii) characterization of seismic sources; (iii) selection of attenuation equations; (iv) seismic threat assessment. For further details about the model, please refer to the documentation.

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Arcila et al. 2020. Modelo nacional de amenaza sísmica para Colombia. Bogotá: Servicio Geológico Colombiano y Fundación Global Earthquake Model.

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The user acknowledges that the geoscientific information to which he has access is the property, custody or disclosure of the Colombian Geological Service – SGC in accordance with Law 23 of 1982, Decision 351 of 1993, Law 44 of 1993 and other regulations related to intellectual property. Therefore, the user does not have any intellectual property rights, without being understood to be assigned or licensed to any title.

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