How can I get started?

Try OpenQuake on your local computer

To try OpenQuake on your desktop or laptop computer you can download and install a VirtualBox appliance from the Download area.

Try OpenQuake online

To always  provide you with the latest version of the OpenQuake Engine - we developed the OpenQuake Alpha Testing Service (OATS). This is an internet (cloud) based solution for everyone to freely test the software in a safe environment and allow account-holders to also store some (test)data. 

Because you access the server through an SSH/ SFTP client, you do not require to install any software locally and the application is updated automatically.

How to get access?

You can request a temporary 30-day account. See more below.
When the 30-day period finishes, depending on your needs and our capacity, we can extend the duration of the account.

What do you get with OATS?

There are demonstration files incorporated into the OATS-setup that you can use to run calculations and hence experience the OpenQuake Engine. Outputs such hazard maps, hazard curves, loss curves, spatial distribution of building economic value, etc. can be obtained by running these files. 

OATS will hence provide a user with:

  • Pre-installed and configured OpenQuake Engine, allowing you to immediately begin exploring the capabilities of the software online.
  • Maintained and updated in parallel with our development cycles, so you will always have the latest version.

Request an OATS account

Please take a look at the terms and conditions before requesting an account. Once you have done so, you can fill in the form below.

The activation process can take up to 24-48hrs.

For any question, please write us at