The OpenQuake Engine is GEM ’s state-of-the-art software for seismic hazard and risk assessment at varying scales of resolution, from global to local. It can be used on a cluster, in the cloud or on a laptop. It is open-source, fully transparent and can be used with GEM or user-developed models to carry out scenario-based and probabilistic calculations and produce a great variety of outputs.

Rich Feature Set

  • large set of source typologies for modelling faults as well as distributed seismicity
  • explicit representation of uncertainty, including separation of epistemic from aleatory
  • logic tree support (representing epistemic uncertainty)
  • calculates ground motion fields taking into account the spatial correlation of ground motion residuals
  • accounts for spatially variable site conditions
  • insured loss extension (based on simple limits and deductibles)
  • benefit-cost ratio extension
  • supported asset typologies: structure/non-structural components/contents/occupants
  • vulnerability uncertainty correlation
  • risk calculators can run with precomputed hazard curves and ground motion fields